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Keeping your business spotless

We offer cleaning services for medical facilities, office buildings, and commercial businesses. We customize our services to meet your specific needs. Ask us about daily, weekly, bi-weekly and monthly  service. Contracts welcome. 

Why Choose Us?
A Cleaner Environment


Meeting Your Needs

Spotless Cleaning

Medical office cleaning services are not the same as conventional office cleaning services.

We understand the importance of proper disinfecting, sanitation and appearance of all areas from the lobby to the operating room.  Our staff is trained in the requirements for HIPPA, OSHA and Blood-borne Pathogens protocols. Medical awareness training that focuses on keeping everyone safe when working around sharps and bloodborne pathogens is essential.

You can be assured that concerns over confidentiality and safety are never an issue at any of the medical facilities maintained by Helping

Hand Cleaning Service

Scent free products are an option. Patients, visitors, and your staff will not have to worry about chemical irritation that can be the result of using abrasive products. 


Always Ready


Eunice was divine! Really enjoyed her energy and her “dive right in” attitude. She definitely hit my priorities list within the booked timeframe:

✅Bathrooms looked phenomenal & mirrors were wiped.

✅She fully vacuumed.

✅Took out all of the trash (garbage bags).

✅She took care of our ceiling fans, too.

✅ Stair Case Railing!

She turned into my go-to! Will be looking into her availability again soon and book her again. Thanks, Eunice!

Avery Smith

It was gratifying to refer this company to my customer. Their attention to detail and outstanding results was beyond satisfactory. The office showed so well it was under contract quickly. They are my 1 st choice for cleaning referrals. Thank you Ayisha

Skyler Adelson

 I just wanted to say how much I appreciate the excellent quality of work done by your staff. Without worry, I know that I will have a clean office to come to work. it isn't often that you can have a service provider perform the tasks you hired them. It is about the job done well every time. I highly recommend as it is just what you need when you need it.  Thank you Carol!

Kris Michaels


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